Meet The Moore’s

Tim and Diane Moore bring over 15 years of winemaking and grape-growing experience in the Finger Lakes to Inspire Moore. They met at the University of California at Davis, where Tim was studying Enology and Diane, International Relations. The dream of starting a winery was always a part of their vision from the time they met.


Tim and Diane were blessed to have 5 beautiful children who are an integral part of everyday life at the winery, as well as the pictures behind the images on the bottles. Jordain, the oldest, and Madison, her sister next in line, share a yoga pose on GRACE, walk hand in hand on CHANGE, and jump for JOY. Cassie, the middle girl, smiles in the vineyards for HARMONY, while the boys, Nate and Nick, both have places on WISDOM and RADIANCE. They can often be found helping out around the winery–unloading wine, doing yard work, helping with the cash register…Inspire Moore was started as a family business, and that is the basis of all that we believe in and hold to be most important in life.