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Our winemaking is focused on premium vineyard driven Finger Lakes wines. Inspire Moore produces over 12 different wines, including Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and recently our award-winning ‘Best of NY state’ Blaufrankisch to name a few.

We invite you to experience our award winning wines!

Riesling is the dominant varietal in the cellar where we a produce a juicy, quaffable style in LOVE to vineyard designated styles in the Timothy Moore series. We have recently introduced Blaufrankisch and Gruener Veltliner to our portfolio as these are cool climate varieties that hold a particular interest to Tim from his time spent studying winemaking in Austria. It is through his experiences studying abroad and at UCD that Tim developed a unique vision for creating cool climate wines. While growing up in California and making warm climate reds molded Tim into a winemaker who is driven to extract the best reds in the Finger Lakes.


Our Wines

Our winery is situated on the historical center where Naples was founded, where once the Seneca Indians called it Nundawao. Of local folklore, the winery was previously a tavern, a stagecoach stop and then finally a carriage house. We transformed the original structure using reclaimed timbers from the Northeast, creating a more energy efficient, beautifully crafted, working winery. Inspire Moore is a boutique winery producing a few thousand cases of Finger Lakes appellation wines whose focus is on aromatic varietal whites, vintage driven varietal reds, ice wine and blends that are defined by small lot production.


Our Philosophy

We searched all over the Finger Lakes for the best site for our winery and it just happened to be our first stop. The Village of Naples is a historic spot loaded with many years of grape history, grape pie, wine, artists and music. We are passionate people who constantly work to capture the true characteristics of the vineyards where our wines are developed. It is in the land and the people who cultivate the flavors that the artistry of our wine begins.



It is one of our cornerstones to all our business practices. We work with growers who implement Vine-Balance practices developed through Cornell Cooperative Extension for the grapes that we purchase. We compost all our grape pomace that is left over from harvest which is utilized in the farm garden or vineyard. We use colloidal cleaner in the cellar that are free of phosphates and chlorine. Our cleaners work at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and require only a water rinse, no acid neutralizers.We work with countless local businesses to provide economical viability to our region. We use recyclable corks and no capsules. Our bottles are screen printed without paper labels. We recycle as much material from the winery and café as possible. We use our food scraps that are sorted and fed back to the chickens that provide our eggs. All else goes back to the compost pile to feed our farm garden.

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