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Our Story

Our Story

Diane and Tim Moore moved with their five children to the Finger Lakes in 1998 to pursue his winemaking career. Recognizing the potential of New York State wines, they founded Inspire Moore Winery in 2007, fulfilling a long-held dream of  creating wines that embody the true characteristics of Finger Lakes grapes. Producing a few thousand cases a year allows us to use passion and artistry in our aromatic and vintage-driven varietal whites, varietal reds, and blends. We are located in the historical center of Naples, NY, once called Nundawao by the Seneca Nation. Each of our handcrafted wines are named for a characteristic we wish to ‘Inspire Moore’ of in the world, Love, Wisdom, Grace, Joy, and many more.  Since Tim’s passing in 2019, his legacy in winemaking lives on through their son, Nathaniel, who shares his father’s passion and expertise in winemaking, and his wife, Diane, who runs the business. Inspire Moore Winery, a testament to love and resilience, continues to thrive as a cherished family business.

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Our Cellar

Sustainability is a cornerstone of all our business practices. We work with growers who implement VineBalance practices established with Cornell Cooperative Extension. We recycle as much from the winery and café as possible, composting our grape pomace in the vineyard. We sort food scraps and feed them to our chickens or compost pile. We use colloidal cleaners in the cellar to be free of phosphates, chlorine, and acid neutralizers. These cleaners work at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and requiring only a water rinse. Most of our bottles are screen printed rather than using paper labels. We use recyclable corks and wax-coat our bottle tops rather than use foil capsules. And sustainability is not just about the environment; we work with many local businesses to provide economic viability to our region.

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