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Inspire Moore Winery

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Main Tasting Room
197 Main St.
Naples, NY 14512

Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail


Sunday – Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Thurs – Sunday 11am-5pm
Friday – Sunday 11am-5pm

Inspire Moore is a winery that seeks to embody the true characteristics of the vineyards in which the wine is developed, to express the true passion and artistry of the farmers who cultivate the flavors. Our business is all about sustainability. We are a boutique winery producing a few thousand cases a year, composed of aromatic varietal whites, vintage driven varietal reds, ice wine & blends that are defined by small lot production. We are located in the historical center of Naples, NY where the Seneca Indians once called Nundawao.  Our handcrafted wines come with a message: every wine stands for a characteristic we wish to ‘Inspire Moore’ of in the world, whether that be Love, Wisdom, Grace, or many more!


Reservations are highly recommended. Food tastings are no longer required! We offer the following wine tastings in our tasting rooms:
•  $12 per person for a tasting of 5 regular wines of your choice.
•  $15 per person for a reserve tasting of 5 premium wines.
•  $10 for an outside flight tasting of four regular wines with a choice of a dry flight, or a sweet flight.

Group tastings of 8 or more people are welcome by appointment only – RESERVATION REQUIRED! The cost is $16 per person, as extra staff and set up are necessary. Group tastings will receive a tasting of 6 wines, and also a special group tasting only discount of 15% off any wine purchase (excluding Reserve wines). A credit card will be used to hold the reservation. If the group fails to keep the reservation, or fails to cancel at least one week in advance, the full cost of the tasting will be billed to the credit card on file. If a group “no shows” none of the tasting fee will be refunded.

There is a 15 minute “grace period” from the reservation time for arrival – if your group arrives more than 15 minutes late, we cannot guarantee a tasting. Please remember that everyone needs to have a valid form of ID with them. We can accept no group reservations after 3:30 pm. You can schedule on our website homepage and below. Please call (585) 374-5970 or contact us to make a group reservation of 8 or more people.

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Our Story

Our winery is situated on the historical center where Naples was founded, where once the Seneca Indians called it Nundawao. Of local folklore, the winery was previously a tavern, a stagecoach stop and then finally a carriage house. We transformed the original structure using reclaimed timbers from the Northeast, creating a more energy efficient, beautifully crafted, working winery. Inspire Moore is a boutique winery producing a few thousand cases of Finger Lakes appellation wines whose focus is on aromatic varietal whites, vintage driven varietal reds, ice wine and blends that are defined by small lot production.

We searched all over the Finger Lakes for the best site for our winery and it just happened to be our first stop. The Village of Naples is a historic spot loaded with many years of grape history, grape pie, wine, artists and music. We are passionate people who constantly work to capture the true characteristics of the vineyards where our wines are developed. It is in the land and the people who cultivate the flavors that the artistry of our wine begins.


It is one of our cornerstones to all our business practices. We work with growers who implement Vine-Balance practices developed through Cornell Cooperative Extension for the grapes that we purchase. We compost all our grape pomace that is left over from harvest which is utilized in the farm garden or vineyard. We use colloidal cleaners in the cellar that are free of phosphates and chlorine. Our cleaners work at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and require only a water rinse, no acid neutralizers. We work with countless local businesses to provide economic viability to our region. We use recyclable corks and no capsules. Many of our bottles are screen printed without paper labels. We recycle as much material from the winery and café as possible. We use our food scraps that are sorted and fed back to the chickens that provide our eggs. All else goes back to the compost pile to feed our farm garden.


Timothy Moore first came to the Finger Lakes in 1998 with his wife, Diane, and their growing family. Throughout his career as a winemaker he knew the potential that New York state wines could have. Thus, in 2007 he and Diane opened Inspire Moore winery. The dream of starting a winery was always a part of their vision from the time they met. Tim and Diane were blessed to have 5 beautiful children who became an integral part of everyday life at the winery. Tim brought over 15 years of winemaking and grape-growing experience in the Finger Lakes to Inspire Moore. Though he is no longer with us in physical form, his legacy continues on through his son, Nathaniel, who also studied winemaking and worked by his father’s side. Nathaniel approaches winemaking with the same passion and artistry that he learned from his father. Inspire Moore thrives as a family business as that is the basis of all that we believe in and hold to be most important in life.

Inspire Moore Winery

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